For decades, 4th of July celebrations in the greater Birmingham area have culminated with friends and family gathering to watch fireworks, hear great music and celebrate the nation’s independence. In fact, Birmingham’s annual fireworks display is the biggest in the state of Alabama. Free to the public, the show features a variety of firework shells that will illuminate the sky with beautiful colors and patterns. 

In March 2020, we were shaken to our core with the onset of COVID-19. The sense of normalcy that we were accustomed to has since changed but one thing it cannot change is our ability is to rebound.

 This period has given us an opportunity to reflect on the important things – family, friends, and freedom. There is no better way to celebrate the people who have fought for us and risked their lives not only for our nation’s freedom but also during this pandemic. This Fourth of July will have a different meaning as we gather on the rooftops, back yards, and in parks to watch our beacon, Vulcan as he unfolds this year’s show atop Red Mountain.

 We have faced adversity this year, and invite all who are able, to join Vulcan in solidarity to celebrate Birmingham’s resiliency, patriotism and pride.

 For 15 years, Vulcan Park Foundation has raised the funds needed to produce the show that is enjoyed by over 750,000 people gathered together along with an additional 250,000 WBRC Fox 6 television viewers throughout north-central Alabama.

 To produce the quality show we have grown to love, we need your support.

 Just as the community rallied together to place Vulcan back on his pedestal in 1999, we ask the community to come together again and celebrate the step in recovery.

 Your donation will not only support this year’s show but will also help us continue our mission to preserve and promote Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region, to advance knowledge and understanding of Birmingham's history and culture, and to encourage exploration of the region.

Each share, tweet, and email helps us spread the word about Vulcan Park and Museum.

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